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Having consolidated the experience of experts in various areas, UAB Karaliaučiaus Grupė can ensure the provision of quality services in business, legal advice and bankruptcy administration:

  • Assessment of a critical situation in the company and arising risks;
  • Envisaging an optimal plan of measures for the management of the crisis and active implementation thereof;
  • Making all processes manageable;
  • Balancing the interests of the company and creditors and selling the assets for the maximum price;
  • Paving the way for new opportunities.

Any business is related to risk and various critical situations. In our opinion, if you face a critical situation, the most important thing is to control it. Businessmen which do not control critical situations become hostages to them and are controlled by others. Bankruptcy is a normal phenomenon of a free market economy which is closely related to an opportunity of a person with the gift of entrepreneurship to start all over again.

We will help you to:

  1. Diagnose the situation and choose the most appropriate strategy;
  2. Prepare a plan for the optimisation of operation, negotiate with creditors and address issues with regard to refinancing, search for business partners or the sale of assets;
  3. Review the company’s processes of operation and make them more efficient;
  4. Develop a plan of legal measures in preparation for the processes envisaged in the future;
  5. Realise the assets for an optimal price.