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About Us

  • As of 2007, UAB Karaliaučiaus Grupė provides legal and business consultations to companies of the sectors of finance, real estate, construction, manufacturing, trade and others on structural management of business, analysis of financial statements, crises management and other issues of relevance to business.
  • As of 2010, UAB Karaliaučiaus Grupė expanded its area of activity to include the services of bankruptcy administration.
  • We are prepared to offer every client an individual and optimal solution and guarantee a professional approach, competence and confidentiality.
  • The authorised capital of UAB Karaliaučiaus Grupė makes up LTL 310,000. Our company’s financial situation enables us to ensure optimal solutions with regard to the protection of assets, insurance and other processes of companies under bankruptcy. We have the confidence of banks, leasing companies and other financial institutions, which often have a major part of creditor’s claims in bankruptcy proceedings, and we do our best to justify it.
  • Our office is based on Lukiskiu St. 5-421 in Vilnius.